Contribute to Carbonio CE

Any contribution is welcome, we try to answer all one by one.
All coding contributions will be analyzed and filtered by our senior developers before being merged with the master branch. Other forms of contribution are also appreciated and will be reviewed by our specialists in corresponding areas.


We appreciate your contributions in different tasks, from the easiest ones, to the more complicated ones, such as:

  • Proposing to add a comment for better readability
  • Dealing with compiler warnings
  • Beta testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Improving functionalities
  • Developing new features

Send a pull request on GitHub


The localization team will deal with making Carbonio CE Website and Software UI available in different languages and for different regions of the world.

Join us in making Carbonio CE available in your region and language by proposing translations, reviewing existing translations, correcting errors, or suggesting improvements.

Write us to translators[at]


Help Carbonio CE documentation improve by:

  • Report a discrepancy in the documentation
  • Improve the explanation of an existing section
  • Create CLI examples to better explain a section in the documentation
  • Propose adding more sections to the documentation
  • or any other improvements that you have in mind

Send a pull request on Github

Or write us to documentation[at]

Tips & Tricks

Technical expertise can always be enhanced using new tips and tricks whether in the form of community articles, answering a question in the community, or creating forum threads providing useful information.

If you are interested in contributing to this section provide us with your articles or their abstracts to be reviewed by our technical team.

Write us to community[at]