Zextras Carbonio Community Edition

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Why choose Zextras CARBONIO Community Edition

Private and Open Source

Private and Open Source

Carbonio Community Edition is 100% open source: unleash the full potential of transparency and interoperability. Adapt the software to your needs.

Ready out of the box

Ready out of the box

Designed for the connected workplace, Zextras Carbonio CE is available through Linux native packaging. Install it once and get all the features right away.

Fully-fledged platform

Fully-fledged platform

Zextras Carbonio CE is ready for today’s collaborative hybrid workplace, with e-mail essentials, video-calls, file management, and collaborative editing.

Your Private Digital Workplace

Advanced e-mail management

Enjoy the convenience of a modern, faster, and more intuitive email experience. Shared inbox, attachment preview, and a other management tools such as tags, filters, and folder management.

Calendars and events management

Get the most out of your time using modern calendaring. Shared calendars, location and asset management, integration with emails.

Collaborative editing

Work together simultaneously and edit documents. Real-time collaboration, integrated word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations. Comment, resolve issues, and suggest edits.

File management

Keep your workspace, files and folders organized, and access them directly from your client. Full sharing capabilities, access control, integration with email attachments, and file versioning.

Dedicated mobile applications

Enjoy the advantage of having your emails, calendars, files, and other essential information always available and be connected to your work no matter where you are.

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Our commitment to the community

“Being open source means much more than just releasing the source code, it means unlocking the power and ideas of a global community, providing users with constant updates and improvements as the platform scales.” Paolo Storti, CEO

We have always believed that an open source approach is by far the best technical and organizational solution, as the community is the real driving force for innovation in every aspect of a product’s lifecycle. Zextras Carbonio Community Edition is the result of more than 20 years of hands-on experience in open source and collaboration platforms.

It is an ambitious and challenging project, which cherry-picks and improves the best open source components but also introduces innovative features, flexible integration and of course the experience of 100 million trusted users of Zextras technology.