Zimbra OSE
with Zextras Suite

The native plugin for Zimbra Open Source.

Extra features to extend Zimbra Open Source

Storage Optimization <br> for Zimbra

Storage Optimization
for Zimbra

Zextras Suite offers full Zimbra Hierarchical Storage Management integration, with both block storage and object storage solutions, providing highly-scalable storage management and lower total cost of ownership as your business scales.

Real-Time Backup <br> and Restore for Zimbra

Real-Time Backup
and Restore for Zimbra

All objects inside Zimbra are saved, ensuring quick recovery of deleted files by users and administrators. With Zextras Suite there are zero possibilities of losing data, as our unique backup solution is secure and continuous.

Multiple <br> authentication methods

authentication methods

Optimise security and compliance on the platform with multiple authentication methods including SAML, 2FA and QR-code that are so secure you no longer need passwords. Zextras Suite offers enterprise-level security as standard, along with peace of mind.

Outlook Sync <br>  for Zimbra

Outlook Sync
for Zimbra

Using Zextras active sync extension for Zimbra you can synchronize e-mails, contacts, tasks, and calendar with Outlook for Windows and Windows Mail App.

Mobile Device Sync <br> for Zimbra

Mobile Device Sync
for Zimbra

You can fully synchronize your Zimbra mailbox with any client that supports the Exchange ActiveSync* protocol, including iOS and Android devices.

Admin <br> delegation


Minimize IT costs and maximize manageability with Zextras Admin extension multi-tenancy functionality, quickly delegating administrator rights and managing different tenants, avoiding conflicts.

* ActiveSync is a registered Trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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Why limit yourself to Zimbra Open Source?

Zextras Suite takes the core functionalities of Zimbra and extends them to a whole new level of data sovereignty and advanced collaboration.

By users for users

As Zimbra users ourselves, we understand the limits of Zimbra OSE, but also its potential.
That’s why we developed a full-set of features that complete the platform and empower your business.

Zimbra to the core

Zextras Suite was designed and developed specifically to extend the functionalities and features of Zimbra. In fact, it’s so integrated, it’s part of the source code.

Use Zextras Suite
on your mobile devices.

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We built from Zimbra source code for you

After discovering that only the source code for Zimbra 9 is available
in the Zimbra source code repository on GitHub, we decided
to support the whole Zimbra community, making available
the entire code.

Discover Zextras build of latest versions of Zimbra >

The new theme for Zimbra 9 and Zimbra 8

Let’s meet the new “Zextras” theme for the Zimbra interface.
Thanks to the large amount of feedback coming from the Zimbra's users, we created a new theme for the Zimbra open interface. You can choose it directly from your Preferences.

Discover the new theme >

Zimbra Open Chat to speed up communication

We're proud that every Open Source Zimbra's user can experience our chat! We thought that an instant messaging system could increase the collaboration capabilities on the platform. You can have not only traditional e-mail but a system to reach out faster to colleagues.

Discover Open Chat Project >

One library for any Zimbra application

Do you want to create Zimbra extensions that are easy to maintain and work on any Zimbra server? Use our Open ZAL. Zextras sponsored the project of a library that makes your code compatible with any Zimbra version.

ZAL Project for Zimbra >

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