ZAL Open

One library to rule them all

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ZAL fits every need

The Abstraction Layer for Zimbra. An Open Source software created for any developer who wants to create a Zimbra extension, compatible with any version.
Everyone who wants to create a Zimbra extension can do so using our library.

  • Open ZAL is an Open Source library released under GNU GPLv2.
  • You can modify the ZAL according to your needs, as long as you respect the GNU GPLv2 license.
  • Documentation is available in the Wiki ZAL on GitHub or via Doxygen.

Are you a developer?

ZAL supports any Zimbra release equal to or higher than 6.0.7. If a new Zimbra version is released, download the latest version of ZAL so that your extension will be immediately compatible.

Your ZAL-based extensions are autonomous from the ZAL included in Zextras Suite and Zimbra Network Edition.

You can use more than one ZAL-based extension on your Zimbra server. Each extension uses a dedicated instance of the library.

Contributing to the ZAL

Zextras' ZAL project is dedicated exclusively to the development of ZAL. If you want to contribute to the project, you can send us an issue with the tag [RFE] as the beginning of the title to share your ideas!